Examples of our Current & Past Recreation & Leisure Programs and Services:


Strike it up! Participants will spend the morning at the Quinte Bowling alley playing 5-pin bowling with their peers. There is a canteen available for those who wish to purchase refreshments at break time.

Cooking Class

Participants begin their day shopping at a nearby grocery store. They are asked to shop on a budget, carefully choosing the necessary items for their pre-planned meal. They learn how to cook this meal, later enjoying it for lunch. They also learn how to prepare a meal nutritiously and economically. Life skills, budgeting, etiquette, proper food handling, nutrition and exercise are discussed throughout the course. Participants compile their own cookbook as they progress through the course. Join in and learn to cook like a chef.

Collective Kitchens:

Clients learn how to shop economically, learn safe food-handling practices, prepare and cook nutritious recipes to divide and take home, to relieve some financial, nutritional and social challenges. The United Way of Quinte and Q.V.S.S. participant funding, helps to purchase food. Through collective food purchasing and preparation, service-users create nutritious, affordable meals that freeze well, to take home.

Discovery Class:

Come and discover new and exciting things each week. We will be spending time checking out the National Geographic and Discovery channels which will be available to us on the big screen television. We will continue to make trips to the library to check out books of interest and have guest speakers come in to talk to us and share their experiences and photos of places traveled. This class will prove to be both educational and exciting! Learn about the planets, cultures, the rain forest, animals, astrology, bodies of water and different countries and their history.


Come and catch the “Big One”! This group will enjoy the sights and sounds of the waterfront in Belleville and surrounding areas while participating in the sport of fishing. It will prove to be both exciting and relaxing for those of you who decide to join us! Hope to see you there, as it will be a REEL-Y good time!

First Aid Training:

This group will be getting together to go over basic First Aid (i.e. treatment for minor cuts, bruises and bumps) and what to do in cases of emergency.