Programs & Services

Part-Time or Full-Time Training and Work Opportunities

QVSS staff works to create special requirements and the supports necessary to ensure service-users have every opportunity to meet their individual work goals as stated on his or her Individual Support Plan. Individuals will have the opportunity to participate, on a part-time or full-time basis in training, work prospects and supported employment.

Our vocational services have a wide range of opportunities devised with the best of our ability, to meet everyone’s needs. Q.V.S.S. provides prevocational skill classes, on site simulated work programs and supportive community employment.

Regardless of the programs chosen, people will have the opportunity to work and participate in a wide range of activities that promote inclusion. Our goal is to make a successful transition into the workplace, to maintain employment and enable their full participation in the workforce.


Red’s Place Diner (named for Harry “Red” Foster)

With the help of The Harry E. Foster Foundation, Red’s Place diner, established in 1999, is a fully functioning diner operated by Q.V.S.S., as a successful training program for those who wish to work in the food service industry. Alternatively, a person could help subsidize his/her income at Red’s Place diner by participating in this program. Refresh or acquire new skills such as following recipes, hygiene, proper food handling, kitchen safety, food preparation, how to cook and much more!

In the beginning, Red’s Diner wished for a place where participants could eat, as well as, learn how to cook. Today, it is that and much more! Red’s Diner is a place where people come to learn and work, to re-energize their minds and enjoy great food in a spacious and relaxing atmosphere. It is a social environment for people who attend our day supports, staff, guests and visiting agencies.

The Red’s Place training program supplies hands-on teaching to provide healthy, subsidized meals for 80 or more people a day, increasing individual skills necessary to seek competitive employment in the food service industry. Red’s Diner continues to cater to and share our building with other non-profit agencies that lack space to conduct their meetings. The staff at Red’s Diner is experienced at assessing the capabilities of trainees and accurately assessing what level of employment they should seek in the food service industry.

Areas of Training Include:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Social behaviour
  • Self-esteem
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Sanitation
  • Food handling
  • Equipment use
  • Maintenance and safety procedures