Quinte Vitality and Social Support Staff and Date of Hire

Quinte Vitality and Social Support’ staff take immense pride in our open and creative approach to the application of our mission. QVSS staff is trustworthy, proactive, diligent people who possess a wide range of easily identified, but hard to find qualities.

Meet our Exceptional Team: Hire Date

Mike Vajda (Executive Director) 1984

Linda Goldrick (Finance Officer) 1995

Duane Lessard (Direct Care) 1993

Linda Bosley (Direct Care) 1999

Charlotte Davison (Direct Care) 2002

Angie Walsh (Direct Care) 2003

Elaine Allen (Direct Care) 2003

Shannon Arbic (Direct Care) 2006

                         Yvonne Kent (Direct Care) 2011

Paul St. Pierre (Direct Care)2006

Nadezda Nelson (Direct Care) 2007

                          Britteny Deziel  (Direct Care)2018

                   Stephanie Embury (Direct Care) 2018