Harry E. Foster Foundation

Harry Foster FoundationFor almost 20 years, QVSS has had the good fortune of being assisted by The Harry E. Foster Foundation

Monies received from the Harry E. Foster foundation have gone towards:

Lamination Department

The Harry E. Foster Foundationassists Q.V.S.S. with a proactive response to provide needed enhancements necessary to supply top–notch service in a safe and productive atmosphere. Preventative maintenance, safety and public knowledge are important to Q.V.S.S. participants.
The Harry E. Foster Foundation’salliance has allowed us to maintain machinery and to provide equipment necessary to operate business safely, and carve a path for new job prospects and community awareness. The outcome from the generosity of
The Harry E Foundationhas enabled Q.V.S.S. people to:

  • Know the Lamination area remains a safe and productive working atmosphere
  • Be able to complete a job within budgetary and time-constraints
  • Be at ease, since we averted possible costs of lost production, work for the participants, lost wages, and increasing repair costs.

As well,
The Harry E. Foster Foundation’sprovided of an automatic air and sensor driven 3- hole puncher to replace the agency’s manual 3-hole punchers. (Not only did it remove an important safety concern, it increased our capacity for production.)

On top of that, a work opportunity for a Quality Control Person that helps ensure contractual obligations, by monitoring and facilitating work performance, where all effective skills taught open opportunities that are transferable to community employment.

Small Assembly & Packaging

There are many companies and organizations like or unlike Q.V.S.S., which face business hardships, especially during slow job growth. It had become increasingly difficult to fulfill our mandate and particularly hard for those who needed to supplement their income. Thanks to
The Harry E. Foster Foundation, we are able to advertise and promote in different media formats to reposition ourselves throughout the community in an effort to provide steady work for service-users.

With the high volume of shredding taking place in the department, people using the non-industrial machines, could not keep up with the demand of work, thus jeopardizing contracts and income.
The Harry E. Foster Foundationprovided the agency an “Industrial Paper Shredder” to replace our small light shredders and was instrumental in our defense to protect shredding contracts.

Red’s Diner

The Harry E. Foster Foundationhas provided Red’s Place Diner

  • A New Suppression Hood – QVSS feels confident that we have protection for the participants, employees and our business from a devastating fire with a well-maintained suppression system.
  • Small-wares – replenishing and increasing some of our small appliances and cookware, since wear and tear, regulations and health codes, coupled with increased numbers, make it difficult to operate at our full potential. We now have; a meat slicer, colander, pots, pans, silverware, bowls, soup bowls, salad plates, muffin tins, cookie sheets, chaffing dishes, trays, plastic salad tubs and a trolley with a garbage bin.
  • Tables and Chairs for Outside Dining Area – with our new building, there was space created to eat outside. However, we did not have tables and chairs. We now have adequate open-air seating to enjoy our lunches or to host outside events.
  • Industrial Dishwasher – We used to lease a dishwasher, made monthly payments, and had to buy our detergents from the leaser. Now we are independent and have the equipment that can do the job as needed!
  • Pop Cooler – We also leased a cooler that we display and dispense our pop, juice and other items people like to purchase. The lease required Q.V.S.S. to purchase all items from the leaser, which is costly and limited. With a new cooler, we can offer more items at a better price while generating greater savings.
  • Industrial gas range – At present, we have replaced our home-type electric stoves with a six-burner industrial gas range that can now meet the needs of this growing department.

Community Volunteer and Job Coach

The Harry E. Foster Foundation has enabled Q.V.S.S. to hire a Job Coach to continue momentum toward community participation and to help individuals, who are not quite job-ready, prepare and develop employable skills with work-related experiences in building.

The Harry E. Foster Foundation provided versatile vocational training tools that we utilize for gradual amalgamation into our delivery of service. The documentaries, DVD’s, videos and books are used to teach life-replicating experiences to help develop life and friendship skills, health and safety skills, how to socialize, money skills and so much more!

The Cleaning Crew

Thanks to The Harry E. Foster Foundation, Q.V.S.S. can provide work skills and experience for five people who wish to work in the cleaning service industry, at our location since their provision of a new industrial cleaning trolley.

In addition, The Harry E. Foster Foundation replaced our aging non-energy efficient washing machine and dryer, with new, up-to-date equipment that can handle the demands of the diner.

Computer Lab

Our Computer Lab exists thanks to The Harry E. Foster Foundation. All Q.V.S.S. programs and services are requests of our participants. They recognize that computers are essential in today’s world. Service-users have the desire to learn and develop skills to evolve with the changing times, to gain knowledge and to develop employable skills.

All Areas

The Harry E. Foster Foundation has provided:

  • A Dyna-Lift System. Adjustable lift tables/systems for industrial workbenches that provides ergonomic workstations for worker safety and comfort. These tables allow individuals in wheelchairs easy access to their work assignments.
  • A fork-truck to accommodate high-volume work in a safer and more efficient way
  • A sales person to help:
    1. Increase sales in our vocational programs
    2. Provide consistent vocational work, work habits and work ethics
    3. Maintain balance
    4. To supplement incomes