Ontario Trillium FoundationReceiving supports from the OTF for over 10 years!

Here are some of the Items we have received through funding:

Virtual Reality – in 2001, the incorporation of this innovative and impressive, cutting-edge of teaching tools existed where service-users could replicate through simulated technology, in front of a green screen, experiences such as, hand gliding and baseball, acquire life management skills like sorting laundry, learn new job skills and much, much more! This technology is similar to the green screen that actors perform in front of while filming certain scenes that are computer generated.

Elevator – When QVSS moved into our new and mostly accessible location at, 1 Greenleaf Court, we were not able to accommodate some individuals with mobility issues to programs offered on our spacious second floor, since there was no elevator. The Ontario Trillium Foundation generously enabled QVSS to remove all barriers to access in this building with a much-needed elevator.

Backyard Development – With the help of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, we have redeveloped an acre of unusable property at our agency to accessible outdoor green space. Q.V.S.S. people and our community are now welcome to enjoy and participate in fun, healthy outdoor activities.

As well, service-users are able to acquire new work opportunities as they can subsidize their wages while they develop employable skills. For instance, participants can subsidize their income by developing fresh work skills while learning about outside maintenance, lawn and garden care. Participants have gained knowledge as they promote “Green Care” by raking, composting, and recycling including litter removal, garden growth and preservation, plants and insects. These programs and this nurturing environment promote physical and intellectual development, which boils into self-esteem and confidence.

Thank you Ontario Trillium Foundation for your kindness!