United Way of QuinteQVSS has been receiving support from the United Way of Quinte for over 18 years! We cannot thank you enough!

Here are some of the items we have received through their funding:

Collective Kitchen – Participants living semi-independently on a disability pension coupled with a developmental disability have to manage their own rent, bills, etc., often not leaving a lot of money to shop for healthy food. The United Way of Quinte has supported this program that helps clients learn how to shop economically, learn safe food-handling practices, prepare and cook nutritious recipes to divide and take home, to relieve some financial, nutritional and social challenges.

Since their income is minimal, clients surveyed agree that their grocery bill was lower, and thoroughly enjoy taking three home-cooked meals home that they have prepared from beginning to end. QVSS feels participants respond most effectively to personalized training. This program gives clients focused attention to customized instruction with obvious benefits. Without funding from the United Way of Quinte, we could not provide this program.