United Way of Quinte

QVSS has been receiving support from the United Way of Quinte for over 18 years! We cannot thank you enough!

Here are some of the items we have received through their funding:

Client Transportation Services– To enable the agency to transport individuals from outside the Belleville area to our Q.V.S.S. programs and services were they could receive employment, recreation, training or other pro-social activity. To reduce more barriers to individuals unable to access other means of public transportation.

Safe Arrival – Our previous location, situated in an area where there were no sidewalks or city buses, was of great safety concern for Q.V.S.S. and its service users. Since the Ministry does not cover transportation costs for participants to and from the program, our agency has been to numerous city meetings and connected with city officials to discuss the lack of transportation and sidewalks to this portion of the business community of Belleville. We needed to ensure that the people who used our services had some safe arrival to and from their program. 

Program Cost Assistance – The Ministry provides monies for the staff and the building, but no money is provided for Day Supports with a fee attached. All of our programs are based on collective requests from our service users who are on disability allowance. Many enjoy a fee-activity such as bowling, making budgeting difficult for many participants. Therefore, the need for United Way of Quinte funding is huge. Expenditure increases at an alarming rate, but disability allowance does not! Since Q.V.S.S. values the significance of citizen participation in the health of the community, we are very grateful to have the assistance of the United Way of Quinte so that we can provide equal opportunity to many.

Community Job Assistant Coach – It is the desire of some Q.V.S.S. participants to explore new avenues through supported employment to improve their current vocation and social skills while exploring greater independence by working/volunteering in their local community. 

The one-on-one training sessions we are able to provide, thanks to the United Way of Quinte and our “Community Placement Volunteer Coach,” have proven to be most effective. Currently, two people are employed at Tim Horton’s and one at Canadian Tire. 

There is a gap in services for individuals with a developmental disability that requires experience working in the community to gain employment. Although there are similar programs for the general population, none such as ours are available in our local area for people with special needs.