QVSS Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the lives of adults with developmental challenges by providing a safe place, meaningful programs and positive relationships, which promote social inclusion in society.

Our Values and Beliefs

To celebrate, support and acknowledge the empowerment of each individual to connect and complete the community as a whole

To visualize a barrier-free, inclusive, diverse community that values and supports each individual by eliminating barriers that obstructs equal rights, possibilities, dignity and choice.

Our Vision

That people accomplish what they want to achieve, live how they choose to live, and are valued as full and equal members of the whole community.
Helping People Reach Their Goals through Recreational and Leisure Programs and Services

Our staff, (along with our connections and partnerships within the social service community) rally together to align service-users with their program requests based on their Individual Support Plan. (The Individual Support Plan is an individualized plan that outlines and prioritizes the long and short-term goals of each individual attending QVSS.)

Our objective is to provide exceptional supports that increase opportunities for all social activities and events within the community, surrounding area’s and .sometimes, out-of-country trips.

Q.V.S.S. programs and services are the requests and desire’s of the service-user. We offer unique supports and guidance. We conduct client satisfaction survey’s; and interview each supported person at the end of each placement to determine if the individual has met their personal goals and to formulate plans as necessary for future endeavours.