Examples of our Current & Past Recreation & Leisure Programs and Services:

QVSS’s News & Views:

This class gets together every week for a half day to work on our very own agency paper that is circulated bi-monthly. This paper includes articles of interest submitted by QVSS participants, upcoming events at the agency and in our community, birthday announcements, thumbs up/thumbs down column, classified ads, success stories and so much more! Photography is taught and used while out in the community, covering stories and events. We have guest speakers who work for local papers come in order to share their experiences with us and have tours of their workplaces. We hope to see you there with your notepad and pen in hand!

Video Games

Enjoy the use of a variety of other gaming systems such as Xbox, Nintendo, Sony PlayStation 2, Atari and more. Join in and improve your gaming ability.

Wondrous Walkers:

You will get in shape while walking the track at the Yardman Arena or YMCA as well as enjoy exercising and sun at the same time while walking the Bayshore trail. Everyone attending can go at their desired pace; for leisure or for physical fitness. You must bring your running shoes and are encouraged to bring a MP3 player or Discman and plenty of water. The group will head to Tim Horton’s for a refreshment break after their trek. Be sure to bring in $1.50 each week if you want to purchase a coffee for yourself.

Yardman Walk

Participants spend time walking at the Yardman Arena. Individuals are encouraged to bring their running shoes, water, Walkmans or MP3 players. All participants are encouraged to go at their own pace. Join in and enjoy the benefits of leisure and physical fitness.