Supported & Volunteer Placement

Our mission encompasses finding work or a volunteer position for individuals for whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred. We believe that work gives everyone, especially those with disabilities, purpose and dignity, and it helps them achieve independence and economic self-sufficiency.

We empower people using employment programs and strategies. With assistance, this opportunity helps to improve current work and social skills, while exploring greater independence by working/volunteering in their local community.

Currently, there is a gap in services for individuals with a developmental disability, who require experience working in the community to gain employment. Some participants who attend QVSS wish for a greater challenge and the chance to explore new avenues through supported employment. Thanks to the United Way of Quinte funding, we are able to provide give clients focused attention and customized instruction. This versatility makes it promising for service-users with different levels of ability and physical dexterity to take part in training for possible employment.

Q.V.S.S. also values improving work ethics and habits that may act as a barrier to community employment. Individuals learn how to interact with co-workers and to follow instruction. The workshop environment enables QVSS to provide learning opportunities in areas such as innovative work responsibilities, health and safety, marketing, product awareness and customer service.

This will involve an:

  • Assessment of skills while observing clients in both recreational and work settings
  • Resume writing, which includes the clients learning to assess their own skill development and helping them to compile a list of their strengths and work activities.
  • Assisting the participants with mock interviews and preparing questions that they may be asked at a job interview.
  • Pre-vocational training- helping the participant with concerns/problems they may encounter on the job. e.g. Getting along with co-workers, behaviours, dressing for success and how and when to approach superiors.
  • Evaluation covering work attitudes and work behaviours.
  • Assisting the client to experience independence while experiencing the job unaccompanied.
  • To develop a contract between the employer, client and QVSS.
  • Supplying the client with a job coach who will assist the client with their new placement duties.
  • In-house debriefing to include assistance with problems or concerns and to assess work performance.

We will meet with prospective employers to discuss the advantages of hiring employees from our agency. Let Q.V.S.S. provide a qualified applicant to fill that position.