QVSS Current & Past & Leisure Programs and Service

Around the World

This group will have fun by exploring and learning about foods from around the world. We will research and prepare dishes from countries such as, Italy, Greece, China, France, Thailand, Mexico and Jamaica as well as many others. 

Arts and Crafts

Participants spend time using their creativity and imagination to complete numerous crafts and artwork. The initial classes are spent choosing projects from craft books and magazines. Classes include pottery, candle making, wreath making, decoupage, painting and sketching. Join in and show off your creative side.

Art and Drawing

You will tap into your creativity and imagination while completing numerous drawings and artwork pieces. Painting and sketching techniques will be. Come and discover your hidden talents!

Beat the Heat

This is a program for those of you who want to beat the summer heat and have fun, all at the same time. We will enjoy many activities from day-to-day, both inside and out. Examples of the indoor activities include console gaming, karaoke, Wii games, computers, board games, cards, crafts and darts. The new back yard and gardens will be ready for us to use in June, so participants will have an even larger “playground” to use during this program. Basketball, ball hockey, bird watching, and lounging can be enjoyed after stepping outside into our new oasis. Join us, as it will be a blast for all who join!


This group will spend the afternoon playing bingo for $ prizes in the large recreation room at QVSS. It is always a great time and a whole lot of laughs for everyone who joins! Hope to see you there!

Book Club

Reading is both entertaining and relaxing. We will read several novels over the course of the summer months. The group will use on-line book sites in the computer lab to change things up occasionally. the group will also watch the movie of the book after completion, with discussions and comparisons between the two afterwards. Hope to see you there!


Strike it up! Participants will spend the morning at the Quinte Bowling alley playing 5-pin bowling with their peers. There is a canteen available for those who wish to purchase refreshments at break time.

Brown Baggin’ It

This program focuses on meal-prep for those of you who need help getting lunches prepared for the week. This class will consist of prepping 3 balanced and nutritious meals.  There will be discussions about ways to save $ on your groceries, portion control and nutritional information. Those who live on their own would be the targeted demographic and ideal for this program.

Cards We Create

You will spend your time being creative and crafty in this class. We will be making an assortment of seasonal cards (i.e. Birthday, Father’s Day, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, etc.) as well as tags that you can place on gifts for that special someone. We will use the Cricket and Cuddle Bug machines which are special cutters for embellishments. Use of our “Creative Memories” tools will help you design and decorate your projects. Let’s get our “CRAFT” on!

Coffee Talk

Our Coffee Talk program will include purchasing the Belleville Intelligencer and discussing both local and world events while enjoying a cup of coffee and a treat. Everything is provided for this program. Stay in the loop and join this group!

Computer Fun

Enjoy your time in our computer lab searching the net, e-mailing friends and family members and even learning basic computer skills with the use of our projector. You will also have options to play Yahtzee, Solitaire, Pinball, Bejeweled, POGO, Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal. We will also be offering and instructing anyone who wishes to experience our new computer software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. This new software has three primary functions (dictation, text-to-speech and command input) that will help you use and enjoy computers even more.

Community Fun

This group will tour all over the place for day trips during the summer months. We will travel to museums, County Wineries, the Arts Trail, hiking trails, shopping, Fort Henry, Gananoque Boat Tour, Kingston Trolley Tour and so much more. We will also visit all the surrounding beaches like The Sandbanks, Cobourg and North Beach for some relaxation and fun in the sun. Anyone joining this group will require a packed lunch, drinks for the day, sunscreen and a sun hat. A towel and swimsuit will also be required for those days that we venture to the beach. Staff will inform the group when these days will begin, according to the weather. This program will prove to be hot, hot, hot!

Discovery Class

Come and discover new and exciting things each week.  We will be spending time checking out the National Geographic and Discovery channels which will be available to us on the smart board in the computer lab.  Learn about the planets, cultures, the rain forest, animals, astrology, bodies of water and different countries and their history.

Face Off

This program will be a take of the show on the SPACE channel called “Face Off”. Each person will search for a fictional character of their choice. They will sculpt their sample picture with play-dough or clay and recreate it themselves. We will display the masks around the agency after completion for everyone else to admire. So, if you are wanting to try something new, creative, and interesting, come join us!


Come and catch the “Big One”! This group will enjoy the sights and sounds of the waterfront in Belleville while participating in the sport of fishing. It will prove to be both exciting and relaxing for those of you who decide to join us! Hope to see you there as it will be a REEL-Y good time!


Enjoy and be active in numerous indoor and outdoor activities such as cards, board games, darts, foosball, virtual games such as “Wheel of Fortune”, skating, tobogganing, broomball and other sports. Interaction and experience is good for everyone. Join in and reap the rewards.

Games Galore!

This group will be playing good-old fashioned card and board games every week. Games we will play are Euchre, Crazy 8’s, Twenty-One, Slap, Old Maid, Monopoly, Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Sorry, and Trouble. We will also head to our backyard oasis and enjoy some outdoor games like basketball, hockey, golf, lawn bowling, catch, badminton, volleyball, and many more! Come and join the fun!

Gardening Club

Do you have a green thumb and want to get your hands dirty? Then you should join our gardening group! We will be keeping busy maintaining our vegetable garden as well as planting and caring for a variety of flowers in our beds and planters around the agency. Our new backyard oasis will also include a greenhouse where we will grow our own plants from seed and maintain the numerous new shrubs and fruit trees that will be planted on the grounds. This class will also do some canning and preserves in the fall that participants will take home to enjoy.


Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to hide and seek containers called “geocaches” or “caches” in the community. A typical cache is a waterproof container that is hidden in nature with its co-ordinates listed online and can also contain items for trading, usually toys or trinkets of little value. Geocaching is often described as a game of high-tech “hide and seek” or “treasure hunt.” This is a new program and it will prove to be a blast for everyone who joins!

Glee Group

Do you love to sing and dance? Do you love music and performing? If so, the Glee group is for you! Warm-up those vocal chords and join us as we will be singing “till our heart’s content”!

Go Fly a Kite!

This group will enjoy their time flying kites at local parks and beaches. Kites will be supplied, or you can bring your own. Come and join us for a fun, entertaining and relaxing afternoon. See you then!

Go Golf

This group will go to a local driving range and enjoy a fun filled morning outdoors while learning some golf techniques. This class is ideal for beginners or pros… so come and get your swing on! The group will enjoy a refreshment afterwards in their clubhouse so be sure to bring $1.50 to cover your cost. Hope to see you there!

He Shoots, He Scores!

This group will involve all hockey enthusiasts!!! We will be organizing a hockey pool with a prize awarded at the end of the 2012-13 seasons. We will read and discuss the history of hockey and past players. We will have guest speakers discuss their involvement and experiences in hockey life and we’ll play hockey games on our basketball court. Come and join us, as it will be a blast!

Health & Safety

This group will get together to go over health and safety rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts and what is expected of you in the workplace.

Holly Hobbies

Participants will spend their entire day in this class using their creativity and imagination while enjoying numerous hobbies. Example of these would be paintings and sketches at a park, crafts, jewelry projects, shopping, scrap booking, strawberry picking, jam making, baking, gardening and so much more! Project supplies and staff assistance will be given in order for you to complete your creations. Come and show off your creative side!

In from the Cold

This is a program for those of you who want to beat the winter blahs, stay warm and have fun, all at the same time. We will enjoy many activities from day-to-day. Examples of these include console gaming, karaoke, Wii games, computers, board games, cards, darts and so much more! Please bring some $ for coffee in case we go out as a group on certain days. We have so much fun! Hope to see you there!

Job Skills

This group will be getting together to discuss interviewing and job skills. They will be touching upon the importance of presentation and attitude during an interview, what is expected of you, questions that might be posed during the interview and what you should know about the company.


Do you love to sing and dance? If you love music and performing, Karaoke is the program for you. Warm-up those vocal chords and get out your dancing shoes. Join in and show us your talented side.

Let’s Learn Safety

This group will get together and go over health and safety rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts and what is expected of you regarding the workplace, at home and in the community. This group also makes up a part of the QVSS Health and Safety committee and will complete monthly inspections of the building and its equipment. The group will also go over basic First Aid (i.e. treatment for minor cuts, bruises and bumps) and what to do in case of emergency at home, work and in the community too. There will be group discussions and activities. It is always useful information to have and review.  Hope you will join us!

Life Learning 1

The name of this new program says it all…you will learn about life. Examples of what will be covered in this program are anger management, relationships, self-esteem, bullying, abuse, street smarts, conflict resolution, exploring community resources, handling money, budgeting, voting, your rights and so much more. Both supervisors of this group will have open discussions and debates regarding the topics they explore with the group. They will also teach you the information using creative methods like performing skits, showing videos, having guest speakers and role-playing. We hope you will join us, as it will prove to be very informative and rewarding!

Life Learning 2

This program is excellent for those who live on their own or who are thinking about it. Participants learn skills they can apply to everyday living situations. This class is a very “hands on” learning experience. Our focus will include how to organize and clean your apartment, budgeting, grocery shopping, banking and paying bills. The class will visit a participant’s home twice per month to practice their newly learned skills. The course also covers how participants can access resources such as credit counselling, the food bank, counselling services and employment. Join in and learn valuable life skills.

Mall Walkers

This group will head out every Tuesday morning to walk at the mall and maybe window shop while doing so. The group will head to Tim Horton’s for a refreshment break after their trek. Be sure to bring in at least $1.50 each week if you want to purchase a coffee for yourself.

Meet Me at the Library

This group will spend their morning at the library in beautiful downtown Belleville.  You can choose to meet the group there or catch the bus with us from QVSS; the choice is yours.  If you are not familiar with the busing system, this would be a fantastic opportunity as staff will guide and teach you the ins-and-outs.  After spending some time reading books, using the computers or perusing the library, the group will meet up at the café on the main floor for some refreshments.  Please bring $ with you for your purchases.  The group will then catch the bus and return to the agency for lunch.  Please bring $2.50 for bus fees to and from the library. Hope you will join us!     

Movie and Popcorn      

Participants relax with their friends as they watch a movie and enjoy chips and a pop. What better way to end a busy week? Participants enjoy a wide variety of movie choices from actions to comedies. Join in and chill out.

Nifty Knitters & Quirky Quilters

This group will enjoy their afternoons by working on crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching, rug hooking and sewing projects. So if you are handy with your hands, please join us!

Oldies but Goodies

In this program you will sit back and enjoy some good old TV show favourites like Bonanza, I Dream of Genie, I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Carol Burnett… and so many more! Classic movies will be shown for your enjoyment as well. Let’s go back to those classic golden days of yesteryear!

Out and About

This group will tour all over the place. We will travel to places like museums, county wineries, shopping centers, parks and many more. Be sure to bring at least a toonie to cover the cost of a coffee or refreshment if we stop for one on our travels. This program will prove to be a whole lotta FUN!


Do you enjoy taking pictures? Want to release your inner shutterbug? Bring your camera and join the photography program and say “CHEESE”! There are many places to go to take some stunning and breathtaking photos in and around the Quinte area. Be sure to bring $1.50 for a beverage in case we decide to stop along the way.

Picnic in the Park

Every week, this group will pick a different park to explore and enjoy; they could include the Sandbanks, Cobourg beach, parks in Trenton and Tweed, Zwicks Park and even conservation areas. Everyone will enjoy their packed lunches and refreshments under a tree and on a blanket. It will be a relaxing way to enjoy our day and explore nature at the same time. Be sure to bring $1.50 for a beverage in case we decide to stop along the way.


This class takes place at the local YMCA. Participants listen to relaxing music as they engage in stretching, yoga, light weight-lifting and core exercises. Participants feel refreshed and relaxed after a class of Pilates. Join in and work out your kinks.

Reality Check

This program is geared to those individuals who want to work on themselves; their interactions with others, socialization and personal skills.  There will be a wide variety of topics discussed and covered in this group; friendship, manners, etiquette, tolerance, bullying, gossiping, budgeting, money and banking skills, literacy, phone skills and etiquette, family dynamics, communication skills and so much more.  Hope to see you there!

Red’s Internet Café

Come and hang out in our new internet café while enjoying free, unlimited internet access over a cup of coffee or beverage that can be purchased at the diner counter.  Our internet café will be open all week and users are urged to bring their own tablets or phones to use.  Please be aware that QVSS will do it’s best to monitor websites but cannot fully guarantee anyone’s access to adult sites while using the café’s internet.  This will also be the case for participants during their breaks and lunches.

River Walk

This group will start their journey at the parkette on Station Street and go for a leisurely stroll along the Moira River. There is so much to see and take in! There are plenty of benches to sit for a rest and take in the sights. The group may stop to do some shopping in the stores downtown or have a refreshment at one of the bakeries along the way. Hope you will join us as it will prove to be relaxing and fun!

SEW Happy!

You want to learn how to sew and you have no idea where to start… start here! You’ll find the basics and guidance you need to learn and love for sewing. You will learn to thread a needle, replace a button, make general repairs, etc.  We will practice learning more sewing skills and improving on what was learned in the first class if you were already in this group. Beautiful sewing projects suited to your skill level are always on the go! Hope to see you there as it will be SEW much fun!


This group will spend their mornings working on a scrapbook. Scrapbooking is a method of preserving personal and family history in the form of a book. They will include photographs, clippings, mementos and artwork. You will spend time decorating the pages and arranging your special photos with the help of a staff member. We will supply the blank scrapbooks, stickers and embellishments; all you have to do is bring your photos and anything else that you want to display in your book. So if you are interested in being creative and trying something new, join our group!

Shop ‘Till You Drop!

If you love to shop or don’t get the chance to get out and do your own personal shopping, this is the group for you! The staff will be involved in assisting you with lists of items needed, making “smart” purchases as well as helping you with gift ideas when it’s time to start Christmas shopping. Please note that the staff involved with this group will be in close contact with family members, family home providers and group home staff in order to get input on the individual’s shopping needs. Each person will be responsible to bring in their money every Monday for their shopping excursion. Please bring some $ for coffee in case, we stop for refreshments. So come out and “Shop ‘Till You Drop!”

Sights & Sounds

This group will head out to our back yard, local parks and conservation areas to look and listen for birds. We will take photos of the birds we find, make notes of our discoveries, research and eventually compile all of it together to create your very own “Bird Watching Guide”. Hope you will join us as it will be a “HOOT”.

Social Media Group

The group will maintain the QVSS website and Facebook with information that is relevant, up to date, informative and fun. The group will also develop advertising video/audio clips for all QVSS events and promotions. This will increase QVSS’ presence to connect to other agencies, people and the community through social media outlets chosen by the group.

If you are a dynamic person and have an interest in social media, this is the program for you.  Hope you will join us! (Limited spaces available, reading and typing skills are an asset but not necessary, Passport funding friendly).

Social Scene

Do you like organizing, planning and being creative? Well then, this is the group for you! QVSS is introducing, for the first time, it’s very own social committee. We will be organizing dances and parties for the agency, making decorations for special events and celebrations, researching and planning agency trips, making our very own suggestion box, and going on shopping excursions and so much more. Get involved! Become a member today!

Soccer Golf

Spend the summer months on the golf course…. with a soccer ball!  This group will enjoy a morning at the Bayview Golf course playing several holes of soccer golf. The group will enjoy a refreshment afterwards in the clubhouse so be sure to bring $1.50 to cover your cost.  Last year, the course was very wet.  This year, we are asking all participants to bring rubber boots to avoid this again. Hope to see your there!

Soup’s On!

Participants of this group will learn how to make hearty and flavorful soups with what they have in their own cupboards and refrigerators at home.  Each person will learn the skills needed to do this independently and will bring a container of their soup home with them to enjoy at the end of the day. Each participant must bring in their own thermos with a good lid for this.


Naomi stated that what she likes best about the “Spa” program is “getting her nails done and picking her own colours”.

Take a break and relax while enjoying a pleasant facial, massage, pedicure, or manicure. Sit and be dazzled with a new hairstyle and look! We will touch upon make-up application and proper health and hygiene. This program is all about you… so come and pamper yourself!

Story Time

This program will include trips to the library, reading of books under a tree in the park on a nice day, the use of “read along” CD sets as well as E-Books on-line. Staff will be teaching reading to those who are interested and or in need of help. The group will also watch the movie of the book after completion, with discussions and comparisons between the two afterwards. Hope to see you there, as it will be relaxing and enjoyable!

Sweet Treats

Do you have a sweet tooth and enjoy baking? Then you should join this group as we will be making all kinds of sweets to enjoy at the end of the day… cakes, cookies, muffins, squares, tarts, fudge, candy… YUMMY!


This group will head to the new Rec-plex on Cannifton Road or to the YMCA to enjoy a morning of swimming and splashing around. We encourage those people who sign up for this program to come with their bathing suit on underneath their clothing when they arrive in the morning. This will give the group that much more time to have fun! Please bring alternative clothing for afterwards and a plastic bag for your wet swimsuit and all essential items to be comfortable the rest of the day

Swimming and Wellness Walk

This group will be enjoying the morning swimming and splashing in the pool during the months of June and September. People are encouraged to wear their bathing suits under their clothes when arriving to QVSS to maximize their time in the pool. You will also need to bring a towel, undergarments, toiletries, and a plastic bag to place your wet suit in when we are done. This will be an exciting time whether you are a novice swimmer or a pro. You can swim lengths in the pool, play water games or simple float around. During the months of July and August, you will getting shape while walking the track at the Health & Wellness Centre. Everyone attending can go at their desired pace; for leisure or for physical fitness. You must bring your INDOOR running shoes and are encouraged to bring a MP3 player or IPOD and plenty of water.


This class focuses on experiences generating stimulus. Participants use tactile stimulating materials such as play-doh, building blocks, finger painting and drawing/colouring to express themselves. Other stimuli include music, aromatherapy, certain reality programs and visits to the Snoozalen Room at Pathways to Independence. Join in and express yourself.

Tech Talk

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and we rely more and more on computers. This class will teach you the basics about computers which will prove to be invaluable.  Areas of learning will include; keyboard and mouse use, security and privacy, searching the internet (Chrome, Firefox, Xplornet), e-mailing, computer safety and much more.  There will be plenty of hands-on exercises and encouragement.  You will become computer confident and literate in no time!

QVSS’s News & Views

This class gets together every week for a half day to work on our very own agency paper that is circulated bi-monthly. This paper includes articles of interest submitted by QVSS participants, upcoming events at the agency and in our community, birthday announcements, thumbs up/thumbs down column, classified ads, success stories and so much more! Photography is taught and used while out in the community, covering stories and events. We have guest speakers who work for local papers come in order to share their experiences with us and have tours of their workplaces. We hope to see you there with your notepad and pen in hand!

Video Games

Enjoy the use of a variety of other gaming systems such as Xbox, Nintendo, Sony PlayStation 2, Atari and more. Join in and improve your gaming ability.

Wondrous Walkers

You will get in shape while walking the track at the Yardman Arena or YMCA as well as enjoy exercising and sun at the same time while walking the Bayshore trail. Everyone attending can go at their desired pace; for leisure or for physical fitness. You must bring your running shoes and are encouraged to bring a MP3 player or Discman and plenty of water. The group will head to Tim Horton’s for a refreshment break after their trek. Be sure to bring in $1.50 each week if you want to purchase a coffee for yourself.

Yardman Walk

Participants spend time walking at the Yardman Arena. Individuals are encouraged to bring their running shoes, water, Walkmans or MP3 players. All participants are encouraged to go at their own pace. Join in and enjoy the benefits of leisure and physical fitness.

QVSS Choir

Participants of this group will learn styles of music, rhythms, instruments and how to sing as a group.  They will sing songs appropriate to the time of year and will have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience.  If you love to sing and perform, then this is the class for you!

QVSS In-House Virtual Radio Program


The virtual radio broadcast program uses special software in a studio environment to replicate live radio broadcast as closely as possible.  It does not actually use an FM signal but is piped through the house PA system in QVSS.  Individuals that have an interest will have the experience of being a radio broadcaster.  

The format will include playing of music (supporting Canadian content), news and community updates, weather updates, QVSS updates, talk shows, interviews, advertising and any other appropriate general public interest topics.  Limited spots available. This program is Passport funding friendly.

If you have an interest in being a host announcer and creating a fan base of followers, please see or call QVSS at 968-5211 and ask for Duane.  He can give you more details about this innovative program and will help you get set up with a time slot that suits your schedule.