QVSS has been receiving supports from U.A. Local 463 Benefits Administration for over 5 years!

Floor-Scrubbing machine – This new floor-scrubbing machine has enabled QVSS to prepare individuals with required experience, to work in the cleaning services industry. This is particularly significant for those who may not be subject to the full requirement of the competitive wage/labor marketplace.

Universal Clip-On Magnifier – The small assembly and packaging department often performs quality control jobs for many local businesses. Sometimes this means working with objects with little defects that require magnification to detect.

Mobile Advertising Sign – The Mobile Advertising Sign, along with public advertising allowed Q.V.S.S. the opportunity to reposition ourselves throughout the community to present to the consumer a stable image of what we can provide during a time of slow job growth. We advertise and make important announcements on this outdoor sign.

With the generous, support of U.A. Local 463 Benefits Administration, we are able to help many individuals meet essential daily needs and work toward a brighter future with programs in job training.