Examples of our Current & Past Recreation & Leisure Programs and Services:

Mall Walkers:

This group will head out every Tuesday morning to walk at the mall and maybe window shop while doing so. The group will head to Tim Horton’s for a refreshment break after their trek. Be sure to bring in at least $1.50 each week if you want to purchase a coffee for yourself.

Movie and Popcorn

Participants relax with their friends as they watch a movie and enjoy chips and a pop. What better way to end a busy week? Participants enjoy a wide variety of movie choices from actions to comedies. Join in and chill out.

Nifty Knitters & Quirky Quilters:

This group will enjoy their afternoons by working on crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching, rug hooking and sewing projects. So if you are handy with your hands, please join us!


This class takes place at the local YMCA. Participants listen to relaxing music as they engage in stretching, yoga, light weight-lifting and core exercises. Participants feel refreshed and relaxed after a class of Pilates. Join in and work out your kinks.


This group will spend their mornings working on a scrapbook. Scrapbooking is a method of preserving personal and family history in the form of a book. They will include photographs, clippings, mementos and artwork. You will spend time decorating the pages and arranging your special photos with the help of a staff member. We will supply the blank scrapbooks, stickers and embellishments; all you have to do is bring your photos and anything else that you want to display in your book. So if you are interested in being creative and trying something new, join our group!

Shop ‘Till You Drop!:

If you love to shop or don’t get the chance to get out and do your own personal shopping, than this is the group for you! The staff will be involved in assisting you with lists of items needed, making “smart” purchases as well as helping you with gift ideas when it’s time to start Christmas shopping. Please note that the staff involved with this group will be in close contact with family members, family home providers and group home staff in order to get input on the individual’s shopping needs. Each person will be responsible to bring in their money every Monday for their shopping excursion. Please bring some $ for coffee in case, we stop for refreshments. So come out and “Shop ‘Till You Drop!”